Angela Novak


Make A Good Decision

Everyday we are presented with choices. These choices can range from seemingly simple and easy, like what time to wake up, to potentially complex and life changing, like how to make ends meet after losing a job. As a parent, I want to raise good decision makers. I want my children to see having options […]

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Frienship matters

Friendship Matters

It’s a frequent hope this time of year that spans parents and families with children of all ages. The hope that your child will make new friends. We hope this because we know our children need healthy friendships to gain confidence, to receive emotional support when we cannot be there to provide it, and perhaps […]

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Rear View of Group of Friends Hugging

Life Delivers…

Life delivers nothing better than loving family and great friends. It’s a blessing when you can’t tell the difference.      

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Moments of Truth

Life is full of significant moments.  Moments when we feel immeasurable emotions. Moments when we face life-changing decisions. And moments when we must follow the truth. Strong leadership, solid relationships, and effective strategies all excel when built on truth. Leaders who offer transparency into their vision, rationale to their approach for achieving it, and insight […]

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What’s Next For You?

What are you going to be when you grow up? Where will you be in ten years? What’s next for you? We’ve all heard it. Time and again. Questions about personal goals, intended accomplishments, and future success.  For some, these questions quickly get old. For me, they have always been a pleasure to answer. But […]

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